Especially in puppyhood, it is extremely important to give the puppy the necessary education - individually adapted to personality, breed and needs. 

Here, puppy owners can book a package of 5 individual consultations in which topics such as cleanliness, staying alone, setting rules, setting limits, increasing frustration tolerance, but also orientation, leash walking, recall, being able to wait, etc. are dealt with. 


The individual consultations take place either at your home* or outside in everyday life. There, where it is supposed to work later on. This way we can increase distractions and difficulties step by step. 


Initial consultation / individual counselling: 80 €

5-package individual counselling: 360 €


The initial consultation / the individual counselling session last 60 to 90 minutes. 

Participation at own risk.


Appointments are possible by arrangement from Monday to Friday.


* in Christnach, Colmar-Berg, Consdorf, Diekirch, Echternach, Ettelbrück, Junglinster, Grevenmacher, Mersch, Scheidgen or Walferdange.

Travel costs of € 0.50/km are added for all other locations.