Dummy training is a wonderful teamwork for all human-dog teams, where the dog likes to fetch or drag all kinds of things around and the human likes to develop this hobby further. But dummy work is much more complex, like I throw something and the dog fetches it and brings it back to me. 


Dummy work consists of marking, casting/lining and hunting/searching. 

Marking = the dog sees the dummy fall.

Casting/lining = the dog does not know where the dummy is and is sent there by its human with directional instructions. 

Hunting = the dog independently and systematically searches a large search area and brings back one dummy after the other. 


For dummy work, various whistle commands are necessary, as well as good impulse control and a basis of obedience, such as heel work, sit/stay, stable recall, but also the acceptance of a correction word. 


I offer dummy training for beginners and other interested people as individual training, to be able to build up all the elements calmly and in small steps::

Young dogs up to approx. 12 months: approx. 45 minutes à 50 €

Adult dogs: approx. 60 minutes à 65 €