About me

Born in 1982, I live with my husband and our three dogs (one Chesapeake Bay Retriever and two Curly Coated Retriever) in the beautiful Müllerthal in Luxembourg. During my studies in fashion journalism/media communication, I quickly realised that my interest in dogs was much greater than my interest in fashion (or actually always has been). That's how I ended up writing my final thesis on the role of dogs in today's society. 


In 2009, I started dog training at the Retriever Club Luxembourg. I quickly realised that the knowledge I had until then was not enough, so I started attending numerous seminars, training courses and further education on all kinds of topics related to dogs. In this way I expanded my theoretical and practical knowledge, among other things, about the upbringing, training and nutrition of dogs. I specialised in puppies, behaviourally challenged & aggressive dogs and Retrievers, and trained myself further in counselling and dealing with clients. I have done a formation as a dummy trainer and have been training "school dogs" together with a team since 2022. I have also been a certified dog physiotherapist since February 2024 and since May 2024 a certified assistance dog trainer at the German Assistance Dog Centre "Deutsches Assistenzhunde Zentrum DAZ T.A.R.S.Q."


I have now been doing dogtask professionally since 2014. Over all these years my wealth of experience has grown through my so many different clients with their inhomogeneous dogs, and through living with my own, some not-so-easy dogs. 

A list of all my education and training can be found here