Guidance (Behavioral counseling)

I help you to build a better understanding between you and your dog, give you support in many matters concerning your life together with your dog and show you ways to achieve a harmonious coexistence. The counselling mainly relates to you as a human being: Dogs fill the gaps they find in our reactions, so you only achieve a change in the dog if you also change something in yourself. I pick up everyone where they are, what they are able to implement and try to support each person in relation to their dog, but also to challenge and thus strengthen them. I offer a holistic consultation. 


In the initial consultation we discuss your current situation with your dog and I answer your initial questions. Of course, I also take a look at your dog and observe how you interact with him. I will ask you questions about your dog's daily routine, diet, occupation and any training he may have already undergone. This gives me all the information I need to help you in the most appropriate way. We formulate your goal with your dog and I give you the first tips along the way. This happens, if not at your home, on a short walk in everyday life.*


In the following individual consultation(s) (behavioral counseling/training sessions) we will work on individual issues that will enable you to achieve the goal you have set with your dog. This can be that I teach you about dog language (body language and expressive behavior), I increase your ability to act, I train you to use your own body language in an adapted way, etc. and of course, I explain to you practices on how to train your dog and teach him things like orientation, proper leash walking, recall, etc. 



Initial consultation (approx. 60 min.): € 80*

Behavioral counseling/training (60 min.): 80 €*

* For every additional 15 min. 20 € will be added


Appointment (initial consultation or behavioral counseling/training) at your home (approx. 120 min.): 160 €**


The first consultation is paid for on site (cash or Payconiq.) After that, each consultation is paid for in advance by bank transfer/Payconiq, or at the latest on the day itself (cash/Payconiq). 

In the event of a cancellation that is not made at least 24 hours in advance, the consultation will be charged in full.


Participation at own risk.


** Travel costs of € 0.50/km are added for all distance > 50 km one way. Starting point: Christnach