Curriculum vitae

Permission according to § 11 Paragraph 1, Sentence 1, No. 8f TierSchG

for the professional training of dogs for third parties or to instruct the training of dogs by the animal owner

(Germany - Rhineland-Palatinate)


BMH - Berater Mensch Hund

Advisor for people with dogs

Dog trainer course

Part I to IV


Qualification course of the dog academy Perdita Lübbe

Dealing with clients

Body language/expressive behaviour of dogs and dog owners

Character assessment of dogs

Human-dog relationship

Initial interview

First training steps

Orientation (leash walking)

Dog "play" groups


Aggression & Fear


Keeping more than one dog




Independent training with clients

Training with shelter dogs


Horse coaching

Dog reunification in animal shelters

Behavioural testing

Assessment of human-dog teams


 Specialist qualification course of the Dog Academy Perdita Lübbe

"Aggression Modules I to III"


What purpose does aggressive behaviour serve?

How aggression develops - motivation for aggression

Common forms of aggression

Not to be confused: hunting & aggressive behaviour

Health issues around aggressive behaviour

Recognising expressive behaviour

Behavioural testing of shelter dogs

Causal analysis of aggressive behaviour

First training steps


Successful completion of the examination (theory & practice):

Certified dog trainer with focus on working with aggressive (shelter) dogs

by examiner Mr. Gerold Günther, Head of the Service Dog Department of the Police Academy of Hesse, expert for carrying out character tests and expert knowledge tests according to the Hessian Dog Ordinance (HundeVO)

Project: Start into a new life


Dog nutritionist according to Heidi Herrmann: G & H animal nutrition


Dummy trainer according to Tina Schnatz Dog school Dummyfieber



Kötercoach Superberater (super adviser)

according to Maren Grote and Lisa Pinsdorf


Certified Dog physiotherapist (AFH) 


Certified Assistance dog trainer at DAZ T.A.R.S.Q.




May 2024: 2-days-seminar with Vanessa Haitz Faszilation Hund: topic "Misunderstandings between people and dogs"

May 2024: successfully passes the examination (written and practical) to become an assistance dog trainer at DAZ T.A.R.S.Q.

April 2024: C-diploma (dummy exam) at the Clubdiplomadag in NL passed with Jet

March 2024: Online training course ‘Dog Fitness Coaching’ at Dogtisch Academy 


March 2024: Online course ‘Kinesiotaping for dogs’ at Dogtisch Academy

February 2024: Successful final examination (practical, written, oral) to become a certified dog physiotherapist (AFH) 

January 2024: Webinar ‘Optimal use of variants of counter-conditioning in behavioural training with dogs’ with Dr Stefanie Riemer (Hundeuni)



May 2023: Dummy seminar at and with Norma Zvolsky organised by Gundog Training Hochwald

April 2023: Dummy seminar with Dirk Volders organised by Symbiosisdelux (Ileana de Matteis)

March 2023: ‘Dummy A?! - Of course!’ Seminar with Uli Schlögell




November 2022: Dummy seminar with Ulrike Schlögell and Petra Soons

from October 2022: Dummytraining at Gundog Training Hochwald (Christine Breuer)

Various online training courses, e.g. with Ursula Löckenhoff, Daniel Joeres, Verena Helfrich, Kristina Räder, Melanie Lippisch, Maren Grote, etc. 



December 2021: Webinar with Ute Heberer "Understanding and helping difficulties with foreign dogs better."

from November 2021: Trainer fir d'Formatioun Schoulhond Lëtzebuerg.

October/November 2021: 14-day workshop at DAZ T.A.R.S.Q. with Sylvia Gerdes and Petra Köhler

from June 2021: Further training "Contact through body contact", Kötercoach

May 2021: Individual training with Jet and Guinness with Uli Schlögell, Crosswind's dog school

April 2021: Webinar with Franzi Ferenz "Versch. Training approaches brought under one hat".

since February 2021: Apprenticeship as assistance dog trainer at Deutsches Assistenzhundezentrum T.A.R.S.Q.



December 2020: Dog coach counselling booster (online) with Maren Grote and Lisa Pinsdorf

November 2020: Webinar "The three searches in dummy work" with Tineke Antonisse

October 2020: Webinar with Franzi Ferenz "Alles Einstellungssache" (It's all a matter of attitude)

September 2020: BLP seminar with Kristina Räder

August 2020: Advanced week for dummy trainers with Tina Schnatz Hundeschule Dummyfieber

August 2020: Sweat seminar with Uli Schlögell - Crosswind's

since July 2020: Founding member of the training group of the dog school Jagdfieber (online)

June 2020: Self-learning course footwork (online) by Susanne Reinke (Hundeschule Jagdfieber)

April 2020: Webinar "From puppy to problem dog - in only 13 months" with Normen Mrozinski

February to July 2020: JEP Training with Jet (CCC Luxembourg)

January 2020: Day seminar "Game habituation for young dogs" with Norma Zvolsky



October 2019: 2-day seminar "Space and time - strategy games of dogs" with Ines Kivelitz

October 2019: Physiotherapy & Massage in Dogs Seminar with Nathalie Janssen - Fitdog

July 2019: Webinar Kynologisch Science Series "Personality development in dogs" with Dr. Stefanie Riemer

June 2019: Webinar Kynologisch Science Series "Can every dog learn composure?" with Dr. Marie Nitzschner

May 2019: Kötercoach super advisor with Maren Grote and Lisa Pinsdorf

April 2019: 3-hour individual dummy training with Ulrike Schlögell

March 2019: Dummy seminar with Dirk Volders

March 2019: Custom dummy seminar with Michael Renner     

February 2019: Nose & Scent course with Echo at Pudelskern - Verena Helfrich         

January 2019: FootworkSeminar with Iris and Michael Renner



December 2018: Advent's TrainingWorkingtest with Iris and Michael Renner

August 2018: Curly World Seminar 2018 in Holland (lectures, show, working test beginner class)

June 2018: 2-day seminar "What are you like - and why?" with Ines Kivelitz & Ines Koopmann

April/May 2018: "Teaching dummy training part III" with Tina Schnatz Dog School Dummyfieber

March/April 2018: 2-day seminar "The discovery of slowness" with Ines Kivelitz at Pudelskern - Verena Helfrich

March 2018: Assessment and training of aggressive shelter dogs with Perdita Lübbe-Scheuermann at TH Trier

March 2018: 2-day dummy seminar with Dirk Volders



November 2017: 2 days "Impulse control, stress, frustration, excessive demands and torment - about the indispensable balance of emotions..." with Michael Grewe

November 2017: 5 days "Teaching Dummy Training Part II" with Tina Schnatz - Dog School Dummy Fever

September 2017: Trial working test with Ozzy at the Curly & Chessie Treffen (DRC e.V.)

September 2017: DogTrekking with Marion von Goldwolf (Goldwolf's Wacky Packy) at Pudelskern - Verena Helfrich

September 2017: Mindfulness Tour with Verena Helfrich (Pudelskern)                      

August 2017: Dummy Seminar with Dirk Volders

July 2017: "Deepening relationships through play motivation" with Anita Balser and Thomas Juhe

June 2017 until December 2019: Dummy course at RCL with Ozzy      

May 2017: 2-day seminar "The great freedom" with Anita Balser

March 2017: 5 days "Teaching dummy training part I" with Tina Schnatz

March 2017: Webinar with Franzi Ferenz "Leash aggression".

February 2017: Webinar with Franzi Ferenz "Influencing social behaviour".

January 2017: 2 days "Show me your dog and I'll tell you who you are!" Coaching seminar with Perdita Lübbe-Scheuermann



October 2016: 2 days "Separation problems in dogs" & "Disorders in the human-dog relationship" with Pd. Dr. Udo Gansloßer

Since September 2016: Dummy course with Ozzy at Mosel Dogs

August 2016: Body language and expressive behaviour dog/dog and human/dog; 2-day seminar with Perdita Lübbe

August-September 2016: Dog licence course with Ozzy at Mosel Dogs

June 2016: Basic training and advanced seminar dog nutritionist with Heidi Herrmann

April to November 2016: Mantrailing with Echo & Ozzy at Mosel Dogs

April 2016: Body language in (dummy) training; 2-day seminar with Perdita Lübbe-Scheuermann

March 2016: 2-day seminar "The human-dog-code: self-confident through the jungle of the dog scene" with Günther Bloch

March 2016: Passing of the exam to become a "certified dog trainer with a focus on working with aggressive shelter dogs" by examiner Mr. Gerold Günther, Head of the Service Dog Department of the Hesse Police Academy, expert for carrying out character tests and expert examinations according to the Hessian Dog Ordinance.

February to May 2016: open group 'Stadt&Land' at Tierisch Stark-Inge Wanken with Ozzy

January to July 2016: Young dog course at Mosel Dogs with Ozzy



November 2015: BARF seminar with Claudia Krapf

October 2015: Aggression module block III

October 2015: Aggression module block II and "shoulder view" day 4 and 5 (dog rounds, first talk, individual lessons, etc.) with two individual lessons with trainer Anne Bahn and Frauke Loup for Echo and me at the dog academy Perdita Lübbe

September to October: Aggression module Block I at the Dog Academy Perdita Lübbe

September 2015: "Schulterblick" day 2 and 3 at the Dog Academy Perdita Lübbe: puppy round, small dog round, young dog round, adult dog round, individual lessons, first talk, seahorse course, bronze and silver course, walker course, dog encounter course with trainer Lena Munderloh & Teffany Davidson, etc.

June 2015: "Schulterblick" day 1 (of 5) at the Dog Academy Perdita Lübbe in the course of the BMH: Individual lessons, introduction to retrieving, young dog round, dog round for adult dogs with trainer Frauke Loup & Lena Munderloh.

April 2015: 2-day seminar "Group leadership, communication and personality assessment" with Günther Bloch

March 2015: BMH Part IV with Perdita Lübbe-Scheuermann and Frauke Loup

February 2015: Workshop "Who leads whom? - Leash handling and orientation to humans" with Frauke Loup (Dog Academy)

January 2015: Compact seminar "Condition assessment for placement of shelter dogs" with Perdita Lübbe-Scheuermann



November 2014: Body language and expressive behaviour dog/dog and human/dog; 2-day seminar with Perdita Lübbe-Scheuermann

November 2014: BMH III part 1 and 2

September to October 2014: BMH II part 1 and 2

September 2014: BMH I part 1 and 2 of the cert. Course Consultant-Human-Dog (Dog Trainer Training) at the Dog Academy Perdita Lübbe

August 2014: T-Touch continuation with Gabi Maue (TTouch Practitioner 3)

June 2014: Dummy seminar with Michael Renner

April 2014: Compact seminar "Body language of (shelter) dogs" with Perdita Lübbe-Scheuermann

April 2014: 2-day seminar "Relationship, bonding and behavioural methodology for goal-oriented handling of fear-aggressive domestic dogs" with Günther Bloch (Hundefarm-Eifel)

April 2014: Easy-Outdoor-Training© with Wolfgang Seifert

March 2014: 3-day seminar "Body language lunging for trainers" with Sami El Ayachi



November 2013: Animal Learn Symposium (3 days)

Dr. Kurt Kotrschal: "Wolf-Dog-Human: Partners since time immemorial".

Clarissa v. Reinhardt: "Leisure activities with the dog".

Patricia McConnell: "Play, Play, Play!"

Patricia McConnell: "Play, Play, Play!"

Clarissa v. Reinhardt: "Socially conditioned childlikeness"

Birgit Mosenheuer: "Homeopathy for cancer in our animals - possibilities and limits". 

Dr. Julia Fritz: "The diet of the old(er) dog".

Patricia McConnell: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Luis Soto: "Emotions in dogs".

Robert Boulanger: "Mistakes and errors in mantrailing!"


November 2013: Mantrailing seminar with Wolfgang Seifert at RCL.

September 2013: 2-day T-Touch seminar with Gabi Maue (T-Touch Practitioner 3)

September 2013: Adventure week (5 days) at the dog farm Eifel with Angelika Lanzerath

September 2013: 1-day seminar "Fun and games with the dog" with Annette Buban-Weibel

June 2013: 1-day clicker seminar with Beate Lambrecht

June 2013: Evening lecture "Homeopathy in dogs" with THP Marion Deiters             

May 2013: Advanced training in dog health management at ATM: - not completed

May 2013: 2-day body language seminar with Perdita Lübbe-Scheuermann

April 2013: 2-day seminar "Advanced Mantrailing" with Wolfgang Seifert at RCL.

March 2013: 1-day seminar "Know how! How to lead dog (play) groups properly" with and at Perdita Lübbe-Scheuermann



December 2012: 1-day-dog seminar at Teach'n'Pull : Sabine Krieger and Gabi Dietze in Cologne

October 2012: 2-day mantrailing seminar (beginners) at RCL with Wolfgang Seifert (Canis-Vera dog school)

May 2012: 1-day dummy seminar with Bob Stobbart and Harry Brünet

April 2012: one-day new breeder seminar with Dr. med vet Sandra Goericke-Pesch of the University Clinic Gießen

April 2012: New breeder seminar 3rd part: Bacteriological examination / Which pathogens can hinder fertility and what can be done against them? Seminar series with Dr. Blendinger

March 2012: 2-day seminar with Wolfgang Seifert:

March 2012: Evening lecture "Communication from and with the dog" with Carole Rasquin at the Retriever Club Luxembourg



September 2011: Workshop "Trailing for beginners" at the Dog Centre Trier-Luxembourg

End of April 2011: 2-day seminar and evening lecture "Social bonding and relationship - optimising social structures" with Thomas Baumann 

April 2011: Dummy seminar with Ulrich Küppers

March - May 2011: Puppy course with Echo with Carole Rasquin, Muppenhaff

February 2011: Seminar "First aid on dogs" with Dr. med. vet. Helga Burghoff-Wemmers at the Retriever Club Luxembourg

February 2011: Evening lecture "Appeasement signals of dogs" with Carole Rasquin, Muppenhaff

January 2011: Evening lecture "Man - Dog" with Dr. Udo Gansloßer



December 2010: (New) breeder training in the CBCD e.V.

October 2010: Dummy seminar with Ulrich Küppers

March 2010: 1-day seminar "What does my dog tell me" with Carole Rasquin, Muppenhaff



October 2009: Dummy training seminar with Harald Brünet

August to October 2009: Puppy course with Adele with Carole Rasquin, Muppenhaff

August 2009: Direction of the puppy classes at the Retriever Club Luxembourg (until 2016)



October 2008: Passing the obedience test for leash release in Hamburg with Lucky

September to December 2008: Internship at DOGS (Gruner&Jahr) in Hamburg as editor



Passing of the certificate of competence according to the dog regulation NRW, Düsseldorf



2009-2016 : Trainer in the Retriever Club Luxembourg (mainly puppy classes)


Since 1995 I have been leading my own dogs

Since 1982 I live together with dogs



since 2019: Member of the CCC and the Water and Retriever Dog Commission of the CCC Luxembourg

since 2011: Member of the German Retriever Club e.V. (DRC)

since 2009: Member of the Retriever Club Luxemburg (RCL), thereof 7 years in the board & trainer position