My group offering will be organized at irregular intervals in workshops. These workshops will take place on Saturdays and minimum 3 and maximum 6 dogs are accepted per topic. The topics focus on education, obedience and activity.

All dogs from the age of at least 6 months can participate (because of the duration). 

Registrations via the form below please.


Registrations are binding and must be cancelled at least two weeks before the workshop, or a substitute person can be provided, otherwise the workshop will be charged in full. 

Price: 80 € (3 hours)

         60 € (2 hours)

The duration is decided on the basis of the number of registrations:* 

4-6 registrations = 3 hours

3 registrations = 2 hours

The workshop will not take place if there are less than 3 registrations! 


Participation at own risk.

* Subject to alterations. 


Recall/recall kick


Date: 28.01.2023 14:00 h (until 17:00 h; including small breaks)

Prerequisite: none

Availability: 6 places

dogtask Good Citizen Dog

dogtask Good Citizen Dog is the right workshop for teams who want to practise in more difficult everyday situations, such as pedestrian zones, riding lifts/trams/buses, shopping malls, etc. Here we discuss what to look out for (e.g. recognising signs of overwork/excessive stress, etc.), practise leash walking with high distraction stimuli and hone a certain environmental neutrality.

Date: 11.02.2023 14:00 (until 17:00 Auer; including small breaks)

Prerequisite: proper leash walking

Availability: 6 places

More topics coming soon:

- 01.04.: Rally Obedience 1.1

- 08.04.: Dog encounter training

- 29.04.: Mantrailing... What???

- 27.05.: Rally Obedience 1.2

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