1/2days Seminars

My group offering will be organized at irregular intervals in half-day seminars (3 hours at 4-6 registrations; 2 hours at 3 registrations*). These half-day seminars will take place on Saturdays and minimum 3 and maximum 6 dogs are accepted per topic. The topics focus on dummy work, education, obedience and activity.

All dogs from the age of at least 6 months can participate (because of the duration).

Basic knowledge is necessary for most dummy topics.


Registrations via the form below please.


Registrations are binding and must be cancelled at least two weeks before the seminar, or a substitute person can be provided, otherwise the seminar will be charged in full. 

Price: 80 € (3 hours)

         60 € (2 hours)

The duration is decided on the basis of the number of registrations:* 

4-6 registrations = 3 hours

3 registrations = 2 hours

The seminar will not take place if there are less than 3 registrations! 


Participation at own risk.

* Subject to alterations. 


Collaborative instead of just together

We think of nice walks, pack special treats, and yet we have the feeling that the dog just walks alongside us and does its thing. At this half-day seminar, everything will be about community spirit: a fair discussion between dog and human, appropriate activities outside, but also topics such as orientation, leash walking and free following will be dealt with. 

Date: 19.11.2022 09:00 o'clock (until 12:00 o'clock; including short breaks)

Availability: fully booked

Dummy: Memories & Blinds

When the dog is able to be lined on dummies in different angles and distances,  then it is time to work on memories and blinds. At this seminar we will learn about this and expand on it. 

Date: 19.11.2022 14:00 o'clock (until 17:00 o'clock; including short breaks)

Prerequisite: The lining must work well.

Availability: 1 place

Registration deadline: 01.11.2022

Dummy heelwork: Walking

Heelwork is an important element of dummy work that unfortunately people tend to forget to train, or maybe they just don't know how to do it. In this half day seminar I will show you two ways to build up a clean footwork. We also work with targeted distractions (steadiness).

Date: 03.12.2022 15:00 o'clock (until 17:00 o'clock; including short breaks)

Prerequisite: none

Availability: 2 places

Registration deadline: 19.11.2022

Dummy: ABC of Lining

Lining means that the dog accepts the directions given to it by its human. Various problems can arise here or the dog is not yet confident enough in lining and has no trust in his human and in the hand. In this seminar we will look at how we can help the dog to build up the necessary confidence so that he can go out joyfully and cleanly. 

Date: 10.12.2022 09:00 am (until 12:00 am; including small breaks)

Prerequisite: basic dummy knowledge

Availability: 4 places

Registration deadline: 26.11.2022

dogtask Good Citizen Dog

dogtask Good Citizen Dog is the right half-day seminar for teams who want to practise in more difficult everyday situations, such as pedestrian zones, riding lifts/trams/buses, shopping malls, etc. Here we discuss what to look out for (e.g. recognising signs of overwork/excessive stress, etc.), practise leash walking with high distraction stimuli and hone a certain environmental neutrality.

Date: 10.12.2022 14:00 (until 17:00 Auer; including small breaks)

Prerequisite: proper leash walking

Availability: 2 places

Registration deadline: 26.11.2022

Dummy Heelwork: Starting position

The starting position is the position from which the dog is later sent in the dummy work. So that you do not have to discuss "come to heel" with the dog during the dummy task, it is worthwhile to have a clean and correct set-up here. We also work with targeted distractions (steadiness).

Date: 17.12.2022 15:00 o'clock (until 17:00 Auer; including small breaks)

Prerequisite: none

Availability: 2 places

Registration deadline: 01.12.2022

More topics following soon

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